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Good Supplement Plz Read?

ok sorry guys it’s isn’t from Biotest because i can’t get that here in belgium…
or very expensive (almost double of what you guys pay)

so I bought this product from Dymatize yesterday, gonna give the nutritionale breakdown for 2 caps and need to take 4 daily.

Vitamin B6 10mg
Magnesium aspartate 225mg
zinc 15 mg
5-methyl 7-methoxyisoflavone 200 mg
7-Isopropoxyisoflavone 40 mg
guggul extract 100 mg
tribulus terrestris 500 mg
LPC 100 mg
green tea leaf 100 mg
NAC 100 mg

so daily i would take all the values multiplied by two
two pills in the morning and two in afternoon

so guys what do you think! plz be objective i know it’s not Biotest but bare with me :slight_smile: