Good Supersetting Workout?

Anyone have a good supersetting workout? Merry Christmas!

Pull-ups followed by push-ups non-stop for 5-10 sets. You can throw in there one legged deadlifts and one legged squats as well once you start to build up the endurance. Then, you’re hitting a total body workout that’s intense.

You can experiment with pyramids. You can experiment with weighted vests. This workout also hits your cardio pretty hard.

  1. Front Squat (compound quad)
  2. Dumbell Bench (compund chest)
  3. Chin Ups (coumpound back)
  4. Stiff-leg dead (compund ham)
  5. Military Press (coumpound shoulder)
  6. 1 arm Row (ISO)
  7. Tricep Overhead raise (ISO)
  8. Alternate D. Curl (ISO)
  9. Shrugs (ISO)

Perform exercise 1 rest 60-75 s perform exercise 2…
15 reps go through once or twice
10 reps go through 2 or 3
5 reps go through 3 or 4

i like the following workouts because you can finish it around 45 minutes and still work up a really hard sweat. try upping intensity (% 1RM) if you don’t feel you’re not doing enough volume

(lower push/upper pull split)
A1: Squats
B1: Bent over barbell rows
A2: 1 leg bulgarian split squats
B2: weighted chins/pull-ups

(lower pull/upper push)
A1: Deadlift
B1: Bench
A2: Clean/Snatch (not the best time to do these, but i do them anyways)
B2: Weighted Dips

A quick simple workout:

20 x pullups
10 x handstand pushups
18 x pullups
9 x handstand pushups
\ /
2 x pullups
1 x handstand pushups

2-3 sets of each superset (depending on how much time you have). Use the same weight on all sets (not the same weight for each exercise). No rest between exercises. 60-90 sec rest between supersets. This will hit your whole body hard in 30-45 minutes. It’s pretty intense, and I wouldn’t use it long term, but if you want a quick ass whooping, give it a try. You can set your own rep range, but each set will drop off pretty quickly (i.e. 12,10,8)



C1:DB Step Up
C2:DB Row

D1:Bulgarian Split Squat
D2:DB Shoulder Press

E1:Forward to Reverse Lunge
E2:Weighted Bench Dips

F2:Biceps Curls

So it would look like:

A1,A2,A1,A2… rest 60 secs … B1,B2,B1,B2… rest 60 secs …