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Good stuff for brusing

Need to reduce the bruising around my shin pretty quickly.

Anyone know of any good supplements, herbs, ointments etc that’s good for reducing brusing? What do you all make of Arnica?

ICE! lots of it. i’m not a PT or anything, but i’ve been told you can do 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for as long as is needed. if it’s swollen you can wrap it in a compression bandage to help keep the swelling down.
also elevate. sorry i don’t know of any magic herbs or creams you can use. it’s just blood under the skin that must be reabsorbed. i don’t know how to speed that up.

Arnica. Cream and pills.

Traumeel, an arnica product, with other stuff. I’m a lacrosse goalie (lots of deep bruises) and this stuff works!


Dit da Jow, you can order some at this website http://www.superiormartialarts.com/catalog/uniform/ointmentliniments.html my sifu makes his own and sells it to us. Put it on before and after you are going to be fighting or conditioning. This stuff really works, I tried it out on only one arm one day and the difference was very noticeable. Works good for shins, forearms, hands, and feet. Only use it externally, be carefull not to ingest any or apply it to open wounds because it contains nightshade and will poison you.

Honestly, this may sound dumb, but I just rub my the hell out of my bruise as much as possible. It tends to break up the dried blood and make the bruise go away. I get bruises daily everywhere on my body and I rub them, daily.

I’ve heard alot about Dit Da Jow!

I need to get my ass to a chinese herbalist or something but i’ll check that link thanks

A chinese herbalist or a knowledgeable sifu would be a good idea because they will be able to answer all of your questions directly. Some of the stuff you order doesn’t allways go into alot of details about proper usage etc. or the directions are written in chinese. However, there are a couple of sites that sell some pretty good jow and freshness isn’t important, in fact my sifu said it gets better with age. Dit da jow’s usage is pretty straightforward, just rub it on over shins, forearms, feet, and hands prior to and after training. We use boken sticks, and metal rods in addition to kicking the crap out of each other for conditioning and whenever I use jow I only get light bruises at the most and they only last a day or two tops. If I don’t use it… Ouch… Anyway, good luck with your training, and if you do buy some dit da jow don’t be put off by the funky smell, it actually smells kinda nice once it evaporates.

Hey Forrester, is it like a linament? I mean, icy hot would make the pain not be there for the training, but it won’t make the bruises subside. Any idea how this works?

Myoflex…available at any pharmacy. I’ve been using it for almost 20 years, and have taken it around the world when I deploy. It’s an analgesic that doesn’t have an odor like ben gay…takes the pain away too like nothing else!

Icy hot not making the pain being there?
Interesting. I have a tub of that stuff from america and it’s wonderful
perhaps i could rub some of that into my shins before my fight on sunday?

Mr. Cancer, or may I call you Colin? Do your friends just call you brown-eye? Sorry couldn’t resist… I am no expert on chinese herbals, or even kung-fu for that matter; I do study various martial arts from time to time and I have a large area of interest in physical health and self improvement so naturally I frequent this site. Anyway, the details of Dit Da Jow are, as my sifu put it…

LOL, just kidding, I did a google search and found a site that explains both tiger balm, and Dit Da Jow as well as how to make both if you are so inclined. Here’s the link http://www.wingchun.org/text/misc/jow.html Hope that helps…