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Good Stretching Tips?


I was just wondering if someone can give me a good idea for basic stretches before a workout. I read one article in which DeFranco recommends dynamic stretching is prefable before weights, but does not go into too much detail as to what stretches to actually do in order to ensure your entire body is catered for.

Thanks for any response.

My favorites for leg days are back raises and situps followed by KB swings (focus on the hammies), and hip flexor stretch followed by leg swings. Then some ab/adductor sets.

For upper days, back raises and situps followed by band shoulder traction. Then a set of mil presses with the bar and a set of muscle snatches with the bar.

Band traction article:

Good stuff in there.


Thank you.

In one of Defrancos dvds, he goes through warms for upper and lower body days. It’s absolutely fantastic.