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Good Stretching Program?

Anyone know of a stretching program or something to increase overall flexibility in terms of being able to perform deadlifts and squats better, cant seem to go below parrallel on squats and usually perform sumo squats instead of normal ones, as a result.

A trainer at my gym told me i should widen my stance and point my feet out more in order to go down further but it hurts my knees… any ideas??

does not goin below parrallel still work your quads as much, or should i do more front squats instead??

Have you tried lowering the weight a bit for squats? That could be a reason for not being able to go ATG, no offense or anything.

I’ve tried hip stretches to help with squats. They seem to work pretty well.

nah the weights usually the thing that makes me go down further, i just dont have really good flexibility (cant touch my toes) thus need some exercises to increase hamstring, hip flexibilty… any??

cheers drip, thats one ill def try 2moro


but here is what I did when I had this problem…

I did bodyweight squats for like 2 weeks working on good slow form and really focusing on gettin into that position I wanted. I would stay down in the ATG for like 15 secs and come up. Slowly added weight on and within 6 weeks not only was I lower but my squat weight went up.

For a BB (Olympic squat), your legs should be about shoulder width apart with a SLIGHT turned out ward foot (not duck footed). Not everyone can go ATG, so if its hurting your knees stop, but ATG always helps

Stretches I just do basic hamstring stretches after 10 mins on treadmill to warm up. Nuttin fancy just like 5 mins or so. stuff like touch my toes and stretch to left and right. I also do a leg sweepin motion, hold onto the rack, stand on 1 foot, and sweep across in front of you with your other leg like a pendulem, then switch. Before I do a warmup squat set, I do 3-5 BW squats ATG and hold the ATG position for 15 secs or so

Make sure to train your hams too, not just your quads. As I got stronger, it was easier to go ATG cause my hammies were better do some RDLs and then see how you feel

Again, not an expert, not a coach, idk the physiology behind…just sayin what i did/do

check out the 8 essential mobility drills…its an article on here and they do a variety of BW squats and they can really loosen up your hips

cheers that helps

Do a combination of every kind of squat you can think of (overhead most important) every day for a week or so. Start off with as wide a stance necessary then slowly move in every day.