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Good Stretches for Overall Body Mobility?


Ive been powerlifting for a little over half a year and one of my biggest downfalls is my flexability. it is really a huge downfall when benching and squating. if anyone could give me some good stretches/exercises to do that would be great. thanks.


Read everything by, Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Tony Gentilcore, and Jillian Michaels that you can find on this site.

http://www.T-Nation.com/ALSAuthorsCat.do Here ya go.


The frog stretch is a brilliant one, I try to remember to do it when I train. Its basically a squat movement, only on your hands and knews on the ground.. Ill try and find a link for you. Also wall slides will help your back out and use a swimmers stretch with a towel for your chest.


Frog Stretch.

Swimmers Stretch

Videos arent great but you will get the idea.


I like Kelly Starret's Mobility WOD website. Its got good stuff on there everyday.



Shoulder dislocations, followed with overhead ATG squats all done with broomstick.


Goblet squats with your feet in hip width and toes pointing forward. Not a stretch but good for promoting neutral alignement of the hips after squatting a lot with your feet wide and externally rotated.


I'm gonna be a second voice for shoulder dislocations. Best thing I've ever added to my stretching routine for shoulder mobility.

Also be sure to do a lot of hip stretching. Here's a good video:


sorry for the extremely late response lol. as of now my biggest down fall is hip mobility. i will try these out though.


that stretch sesh works like a dream