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Good Strength/Fat Loss Workout?


Is this a good shedule I have to lose bodyfat and gain strength and muscle?

On my lifting days I will jog for about 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach. I will also play basketball and some pylo or quickness drills on my lifting days. On my non lifting days I will do HIIT. I am doing a fullbodyn workout 3 days a week.

Sunday- jog, basketball and pylo, lifting
Monday- light basketball, HIIT, ab work
Tuesday- jog, pylo and basketball, lifting
Wednesday- light basketball, HIIT, ab work
Thursday- jog, pylo and basketball, Lifting
Friday- light basketball, HIIT, ab work
Saturday- basketball, 400M sprints.

I'm hoping to lose some bodyfat. And gain some muscle and get stronger. Does it look good?


"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape."

Or if you prefer the Texas version:

"You can't ride two horses with one ass."


How long have you been doing this? Looks like you are on your way to some major shin splints!


Your workouts seem fairly counter-productive, unless you're eating about 6000 calories a day, but even then. How long have you been doing this workout and how is it working for you?


Read Dan John's article "The Tabata Method."


Why do you post the same thing each week and expect different responses?


I think this guy's gotta be fucking with us by now.


i agree, every time he hears something that doesnt suit his fancy, he makes a new post with a slight change in the wording of the question....


mabye he will see that?


Probably not. But good try.

You'd think he would read the articles and follow some of the programs on here. Who would have thought?


depends on what kind of shape he's in now. if he's relatively lean of course it's difficult to do, but if he's an average chump newb who's soft AND weak it's not uncommon to build muscle and get leaner when starting a smart training program and diet.


ever heard of taking a day off to REST.... oh yea you like muscular dystrophy from too much work!


I know a girl who'd need two horses to hold up her ass.


well does this look better?

Sunday- basketball and pylo, lifting
Monday- jog, light basketball, abs
Tuesday- basketball and pylo, lifting
Wednesday- jog, light basketball, abs
Thursday- basketball and pylo, lifting
Friday- jog, light basketball, abs
Saturday- basketball, 400M sprints

I took out the HIIT since I'm already playing intense basketball.


Ha! I like that one:)


That's a little better, just monitor the fatigue. Remember that there will be a trade-off in performance between plyos and lifting, start with less volume on the plyos to begin with and increase slightly as you descrease lifting volume.


No, that's still terrible - seriously.

We're about to have six guys drafted into the NBA next month, and I'm about to finish a book on off-season training. You can trust me when I say that what you're doing is EVERYTHING that is wrong with how the overwhelming majority of basketball players train - especially in the off-season.



Read some articles here on HIIT training and some articles on long, low intensity cardio. No one's going to do the research for you. Take it from me if you are trying to lose weight all you are going to do w/ lots of jogging is breakdown muscle mass, lose strength, and be skinny-fat. Take it from me, I was (and still kinda am) one of those guys.


Well what do you suggest my schedule should look like?


Well I was thinking/hoping when he wrote jog that he meant "tempo."

In that case it's pretty much just hi/low alternating stressful days with non-stressful days.

"Jog" to me means extensive tempo, something like 10 x 200 at about 70% effort with 30-60 seconds in between. If it's "jogging 3 miles", then yeah I see where there's a huge difference. Light basketball to me would mean working on shooting technique and some ballhandling drills.

You still think that's too much?


I will try it out. I know my body. If my body cant take it I'll lower the volume.