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Good Stand-Alone Oral w/ Anti-E?


I have been browsing around and I have so many different opinions on the spectrum of running Oral Turanabol alone and other orals. I was looking for some safe and solid answers to my question. What orals can I safely take as a stand-alone?


Who let the dogs out oooo oooo


To the OP, its rather disappointing to see you’ve been searching this forum for nearly a year and still have questions like these. Do some more research and consider reading BBB’s post about the “Ultimate Oral” cycle. Outside of that, I wouldn’t suggest going an oral only route merely due to the fact that most of your gains will dissipate after ceasing use. Even with a PCT.

To winkroar, although your post may seem legitimate for this type of thread… I see your name a lot when people are flaming one another. I see it much more when you’re flaming then giving any constructive criticism. Try to tone it down a tad and do some research yourself so maybe you can actively participate.



Let me tell you something. If I think somethings funny I may comment.
If my style is too casual for your liking I apologize. With the current
atmospere on the steroids forum I anticipated a response to Tbucks ques.
such as you gave. I didn’t consider it a flame but rather a humorous comment.
You should see how the guys on the British forums go after eachother, and
it’s all in good fun at the end of the day.


Just stating I see no knowledge from any of your posts yet you seem to think others ignorance is humorous. I’m still awaiting a knowledgeable post to come from you.



Jesus, I phrased my question horribly. What I meant was this: I have read too much information, too many opinions and too many suggestions to know what the best route would be for me taking an oral only cycle.

Now, BMC85, you’re right it is somewhat disappointing to see me asking questions like that after being a member for almost a year now. But, you have to be slightly less assumptive when it comes to assuming that, since I joined, I was reading and inquiring about AAS the whole time. I have been on T-Nation for a while, sure, but I haven’t even CONSIDERED AAS or anything of the like until three or four weeks ago.

I know people are quick to jump on others’ ignorance on these forums, but the veterans should be quicker to help a person out rather than to REMIND that person of how blatantly misinformed they are. Think we don’t know that? Think we knew better before, and we just ask “dumb” questions for fun? Open your eyes, realize the uninformed people and the people with questions are coming to these forums to get answers from savvy, well-educated, well-informed people like YOU so they don’t have to ask these questions, that seem to get everybody’s panties in a bunch, ever again.

I admit I made a mistake by reading way too far into some things, got frustrated, and tried to just ask a simple question that would yield a simple answer. People use the T-Nation forums for different things. Personally, I don’t post much, but I love reading the forums and learning and applying the knowledge to the weight room.

With that said, I am going to throw something out there, only God fucking knows how people will respond, but to hell with it. I don’t give two streams of pidgeon piss if you want to criticize my plan or if you want to ask more questions about me to get a better idea of what advice to give me. Just give me the fucking advice, and use your knowledge positively. If you don’t want to, again, I don’t give a fucking rat dick, just don’t say anything at all. Anyway, I am getting off track, wasting my time yelling on the internet like some World of Warcraft geekfuck, and getting nowhere.

I want to run T-bol, with test of some kind, but I don’t know what test to use. Test E sounds like the best fit so far, but I am not completely certain. Like I said, I just read too many varied opinions to make up my mind.

I have done a Oral Turinabol cycle before, and it was effective for me running it at:

Week 1: 20mg/ED
Week 2-5: 40mg/ED
Week 5-7: 20mg/ED
Week 8-10: Nolvadex 10mg/ED (I know T-Bol doesn’t aromatize, but I wasn’t going to risk it after hearing about some gyno issues with T-Bol)

I had NO SIDES and coming off was clean. I gained 7 pounds and leaned out considerably, although I attribute that to a very clean diet, which, as told to me, was very key when using T-bol in order to maximize results and effectiveness. I want to run test on my second go-'round, and I want help figuring out a safe and effective way to do it. I have never injected before, but it sounds like Test E injections are infrequent at 500mg dosages. I have read all the ideas, I just want a suggestion for my own thread I suppose.


Wow, I just read what I said. Sorry, I sound like an asshole who doesn’t deserve any advice. If that’s the case, I’ll understand. I apologize to anyone who wants to rip me a new asshole, just know I don’t know any better.


Just want to add that I am aware of the fakes out there and their prevalence.


The ester of Testosterone you will choose will be based on your needs. I you want to run a 6 week cycle you would idally use test prop. You’d inject that ED to EOD if you are not into dailiy pinning (ED is better though). The advantage is that it clears faster than enanthate meaning you can start PCT sooner if the prop is the last drug in your system.

If you want to run a longer cycle (8-10) weeks with less frequent injections you would use enanthate. There would be a longer waiting time prior to starting PCT however.

Any form of T is fine for adding weight or losing weight. An AI should be used, which makes bloating less of a concern.

You will not want to pyramid the dose of any AAS, tbol or test. It is unnecessary and doesn’t improve the quality of the cycle.

After the cycle you will want to do a proper SERM based PCT. 10mg of Nolvadex for 3 weeks is not suitable. Proper PCT should be done anytime natural production is shutdown, regardless if the steroid aromatizes or not.

And about your little gripe about how noob questions are received. That’s just the way it goes. Someone like you, who is actually interested in learning and not just here to be given a cookie cutter response to a ‘sick cycle’ are rare. They ruin it for the people who have a genuine interest, sorry. I’m sure BMC was not trying to personally attack you or your intelligence.

excuse all of the spelling errors. I’m on a new keyboard and cant be bothered to go back to fix them.


BONEZ217, first and foremost, I definitely appreciate your understanding. I see now why people with a genuine interest can be hijacked by the ‘sick cycle’ bros and others. Thank you. As for the rest, and most important part, of your post, I have a few quick things to clarify. What is an ‘AI’? And what is SERM based PCT? And lastly, when exactly is natural testosterone production shutdown?


*rather, when does natural Test Prod. shutdown take place?


I would personally go with test e ,twice weekly shots provide reasonably stable levels and it saves the hassle of more frequent injects

You will get damn good results from test e if its your first time taking it too

any additional oral you throw in on top will only add to your gains


[quote]TBuck5 wrote:
*rather, when does natural Test Prod. shutdown take place?[/quote]

The testes stop working within hours i believe, but full suppression of the HPTA will take approx. 3 weeks - depending on the compound. I assumed Testosterone.

Suppression is a necessary evil for a cycle to be run with any significant gains… the options are either too low a dose to be effective, or too short to be MAXIMALLY effective (i wont get into the possibility of multiple 2 week cycles now).



Hey guys thanks for the info. Looks like I got it from here. Brook, no need to expand, you answered everything I needed to know, thanks man! I have been browsing the Steroid Newbie Thread (which I should have done from the beginning) and planned out my T-bol, Test E, Proviron cycle and I should be good to go. Just keeping it standard for the first one. Thanks all of you, this is my last post on this thread.

Take care