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Good Stack?


Is it ok to stack HOT-ROX Extreme and Alpha Male?

Been doing the Green Faces diet, and plateaued (HOT-ROX) â?? also I just have no intensity (Alpha Male).

42, Male, 195lbs, 12%BF


These products are safe and effective when used together.


Was reading about Spike - Can't mix Spike and HOT-ROX - True?


Doing so would be way overkill for most people.


Very true.

Personally, I like and occasionally use HOT-ROX because it kills my appetite, but I don't feel much of an energy boost from it.

If I'm in a HOT-ROX cycle and I'm dragging in slow-mo on a particular day, I might have one or two HOT-ROX in the morning, and then a pre-workout Spike Shooter 6-10 hours later instead of a second HOT-ROX dose, but that's because I've learned how my system handles those products.

You have to recognize/respect the stimulants in both, and you need to know you own tolerances.