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Good Stack or Should I Cut Down?


Alright, been working on Thibs "Mutation Series" and was thinking that maybe I was taking way too many pills or am I being a big puss and I should just suck it up. Is this an alright stack or should I cut back?

Alpha Male

Thanks for the help and advice!!



Magma, what are your goals and needs?

If you're over the age of 30 or under high levels of stress, or if T levels aren't as high as you'd like 'em (at the high end of the "normal" range), it's a very good investment.

I'm sure you're taking HOT-ROX for weight loss, but it should NOT be combined with MD6!!! That said, how's your diet? If you've got your diet dialed in and working for you, HOT-ROX is a wonderful supp!

Personally, I think everyone should be taking Flameout. It's that important to health in general and joint health in particular. It helps with cognition and mental alertness. It suppresses inflammation. It's a pretty amazing supp.

BETA-7 and BCAAs are also excellent supps, depending on your goals and how you're using 'em.

Again, it all boils down to your goals. Are you making progress in that respect?


Whoa. First of all, DO NOT mix Alpha Male, HOT-ROX, and MD6 together. Not a good idea. Pretty sure they all say something to the effect of "do not take with any other fat loss product or stimulant."

If your goal is fat loss, take HOT-ROX with the BCAA, BETA-7, and Flameout. If your goal is adding some mass, swap out the HOT-ROX for Alpha Male.


Well, BCAA's, BETA-7, and Flameout, are standards IMO and are part of good health and muscle building nutrition. Alpha Male and regular HOT-ROX are an ass kicking stack for cutting or even bulking again, in my opinion. I don't see why you are taking MD6 however, since you are already taking HOT-ROX. As always make sure your whole food nutrition is nails to get the most out of these supps.

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Edit: As others have stated HOT-ROX Extreme shouldn't be used with Alpha Male both contain Carbolin 19. However, standard HOT-ROX can be used with Alpha Male as well as TRIBEX and is a very effective stack for maintaining muscle while cutting calories for fat loss.



Bingo thats what IO was going to say and well how is your nutrition including Post workout?? Maybe look at Surge in place of one of the others you drop



Great thanks for the advice...will go ahead and cancel the MD6.

I am 32 yrs 6'4 230 with a BF around 18% last checked about a month ago.

Right now goal is to cut,I am just a big asshole to myself trying to stay on a good diet.

and here is my number one excuse...Its to hard to eat right with my job.

Anyways, thanks for the advice and taking the time to respond!



Nutrition is okay, getting around 250 to 300 grams of protein a day and keeping carbs down around 30-40. Fats are up there I usually can get in between 150-200 a day.

Normally post workout is shake and beef jerkey or chicken breast usually 4 oz.

I do have Surge just trying to watch the carb intake right now.



Magma, I took a quick look at what you're doing. You must be doing the AD. 56% of your calories are coming from fat. When I add up the calories, you're eating at 13.5xTBW. If you drop that to 10xTBW, you should start making the progress you want to make. That would be enough of a deficit to kick things into overdrive.

Are you doing a proper refeed on the weekend?

Would you like me to give you some numbers to hit for the 10xTBW?

The trick to not letting your job interfere with eating properly is to do all your planning, shopping and cooking on the weekend. Divide everything up into little containers. Then you just grab 5 or so containers as you're heading out the door.

I know you asked about supps, but dialing in your nutrition and your diet is what will allow those supps to work their magic!!!

Let me know if you need any help.