Good Split for Training as Many Days/Week as Possible?


Could some1 help me with a good split which with as many training days pr week? I prefer to hit 1 muscle grp at least 2 times pr week which is why im not using a traditional bro split

Upper/lower or push/pull. The only way you can get more frequency would be full body. Look at “best damn workout” by CT.

I’ve been sticking to a split like this recently:

  1. Bench + assistance (1-2 exercises light for higher reps)
  2. Squat + assistance
  3. Bench + assistance
  4. DL + assistance
  5. repeat

It’s a sweet spot for me. I can do a lot a volume with this frequency and not get too beat up.

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Maybe upper lower with a heavy low volume,light high volume(like a deload),medium medium-highish volume setup?

Day 1 Upper
Bench variation to a single,back off 3x3
Heavy extensions 3 sets of 5
Barbell row up to a top set of 6
Side lateral 3 light sets

Day 2
Dips 3 bodyweight sets or light dumbbells
Some incline overhead pressing for sets of 15-30
Rows same thing
Band extensions 100 total reps

Day 3
Close grip bench or something sets of 8-12
Seated dumbbell press sets of 10-15
Rows same thing
Curls and stuff

Try this…

If you want maximum results it would be better to really kill it on a 4 day a week plan like ‘Complete power look’ but sounds like you want to be in the gym for the sake of it

thx guys! interesting replies…some splits that I havent thought of

which assistance work would you do? like

  1. bench+shoulder
    2)squat+legs n abs
    3)bench+ chest n tri
    4)DL 0back n bi`?

I guessing by the nature of your post you are trying to gain size. For the best benefit you would likely be best off using a Push/Pull/Legs split where a main lift is prioritized at the start of each workout (ex. push day use Bench Press). You would simply do each day twice a week and should take one day off.

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You can cycle through Day 1: chest, shoulders, triceps; Day 2: back, biceps; Day 3: legs, as long as you can recover from it and til you need a break.

I know some people who cycled through this as long as they felt like and/or til an off day is needed. It’s the split I favor, but I train two on, one off.
Session 1: chest, biceps
Session 2: legs
Session 3: shoulder, triceps
Session 4: back

As I said, I train for two days on and two days off. I can see this being done successfully for the max of all four sessions in a row because back day might affect chest-biceps day negatively if a day off is not taken in between them.

This can have someone hitting each body part once every five to six days.

By the way, bro splits work if there is enough direct frequency, as in the first example here, or with some indirect frequency, as shown in the second example.


Bench days: either chest supported rows or I will train arms and shoulders

Squat: paused squat or front squat

Deadlift: paused squats or front squats

To be honest, the further I get into this, the less I care about assistance work. After 315 for 5x5 paused reps on bench followed by 3x10 with 225, I can’t really see a few sets of cable press downs or hammer curls really adding a lot more to my workout. There’s occasions that I skip it entirely if I’m too tired or did a lot of volume on the main lift. I believe Jay Nera may have run a similar split at one time with lots of volume and assistance work.

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I kinda like this, but wouldnt it be better to do

Back bi
Chest tri
shoulder abs

I mean doing biceps right after back day seems too much bicep?

There is no perfect program. One split is not better than the other generally. And the exact split I gave has been used by Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, Johnnie Jackson, Tom Venuto, and Clay Hyght.

One should also think of what they want to bring up when choosing a split.

Yeh I see but will it be okay to do back the day before bicep? The splite looks great if you did 4 on 1 off but if I would do this without an off day?

See my first post again. I addressed that.

thx dude, appreciate all the help from you guys