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Good sources of fat ???

I would like some ideas for good sources of fat for my P+F meals. I’m used to thinking about P+C only and I have no idea what I can eat for P+F meals BESIDES flax and fish oil. Eating “fat” is a new concept to me. Please post the link if you know a good back issue for this. Thanks…

how about steak?

and of course your omega,poly,unsaturated oils

Natural Peanut butter.

use flax seed oil for salad dressing.
udos choice oil for flavoring in just about everything.


Read the articles titled “The Fat Roundtable”

I read the fat roundtable, and did some surface searching, but whats the fat content of cheese? I’ve heard it’s “good” fat, but what kind, etc?

Things like fish oil and anything else should NEVER be the main fat in your diet.

Animals fats should be your main source, and then you supplement with fats such as fish oil.

That is a very important point that I think many people miss.

As to “bad fats”…

These are bad fats:

–Trans fats

–Excessive polyunsaturated oils (since they are very easily oxidated)

–Excessive omega-6 fats (usually a result of vegetable oils, but also from eating factory farmed meat and eggs)

Virgin Coconuts, animal fats, extra virgin olives. Absolutely stay away from refined vegetable (any source) oils as they will throw the ratio of omega 6s to 3s out of whack. Pretty much follow Beradi’s guideline of 1/3,1/3,1/3 of SFA,MUFA and PUFA. It’s not clear cut though. Some of our ancestors strived on very high %saturated fat and had no heart problems. Fuck FDA and US Govt for everything.

Cheese? Usually that is listed on the package…coconut oil is another good option…eggs…

I forgot to mention… watch the ratio of omega 6s to 3s as it should be 1:1. It doesn’t have to exactly that ratio but as close as possible. The refined crappy veggie oils have as high as 20:1 of 6s to 3s. Flax oil tend to around 3:1 to 4:1 of 3s to 6s so just be careful of consuming too much flax oil if you don’t get much omega 6s from somewhere else. Hemp oil has better balanced ratio, i think 3:1 of 6 to 3s so i probably would try one tsp of hemp oil and one tsp of flax oil to keep the ratio as close as 1:1. UDO’s choice is a good one as the ratio of 3s to 6s is 2:1. FUCK FDA& LYING US GOVT!

I eat canned red (sockeye) salmon. It tastes kinda like sardines. Anyways, that’s one of options to get fats from… Eggs are good provided that they come from free range chickens but they tend to cost twice as much as the commerical ones. REAL milk is very good one but you’d be lucky to find one as it’s not 100% legal thanks to US GOVT and FDA and their political bullshits. The butter you find at the grocery stores, Horizon brand is almost as pure as you can get directly from the farm. If you live near by the farms and makes pure butter from free range cows, get them. Very heathly. Thanks to FDA and US GOVT with their hidden agendas, our health are way fucked up. They actually want us to consume those “healthy” refined veggie oils just b/c they said they’re healthy for us, better than butter,lard and animal fats??? I say bullshit!