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Good Source for Resistance Parachutes?

Hey Guys,

Not really sure where I should post this, so I hope this is alright. I was looking into getting resistance parachutes to build up my sprints, for general leg development, and maybe to throw into my training week as an anaerobic cardio of sorts. I know many of you favour sleds, but that is not really an option for me.

So can anyone recommend a good site where I can buy reasonably priced resistance 'chutes? And also, when they list the approximate resistances, is 30lbs a lot for doing wind sprints?


Don’t waste your money on them.

Joe DeFranco, Kelly Baggett and others are against them. You’re better off using a sled to help with sprint training besides getting stronger and actually practicing/working on your sprinting and getting your technique down.

Hey thanks for the reply…I’m in Vancouver, Canada…any good sources for sleds? Because I’m pretty sure shipping will cost a bomb.

which is partly what put me off getting the sled

Honestly your best bet for a sled is to build your own.

I made mine out of stainless steel with a pipe that fits weight welded together then machine a hole feed some chain through and there she is. (although stainless isn’t the ideal for saveing money)

I’ve seen someone who build one out of wood too if you dont have acces to welding materials just wont last as long.