Good Snacks

So for my entire life I’ve had a fast metabolism and been able to eat whatever I want. However, now I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and become more health conscious. I was wondering, what are some good healthy snacks? What can I use to help replace candy bars, potato chips and ice cream from my diet? thank you for all suggestions!

fruits and vegetables

nuts, nut butters

Nuts are my snack of choice. Hard boiled eggs with hot sauce. And chocolate protein bars are a yummy replacement for candy bars.

Vanilla whey protein plus a raw egg tastes like cake batter, MmmMmm! But most men aren’t too keen on those kinda things…

Careful how much you snack, though. You can over-do it with healthy snacks, too.

Yeah, I’m really trying to move away from 2-3 big meals with lots of snacking, to 5-6 smaller meals. However, the change is not an easy one to make.

Nuts are a great idea. I’ll make sure to pick some up next time I’m out. Not so sold on the whey protein and raw egg.

cottage cheese

tuna/turkey +cheese and crackers

beef jerky

hardboiled eggs

trail mix

coconut milk and protein powder

greek yogurt

Good call on the yogurt! When I was younger I loved yogurt with fruit slices.

sugar free gum.

OO! OOO! Soda replacement= Kombucha Tea! Get it at most health food grocery stores. It is less sweet, but naturally effervescent and has probiotics (like yoghurt) and good enzymes! Try it once. It is my bubbly beverage of choice!!

Beef jerky is awesome.
It was the first thing I wanted when I gave up being vegetarian.

Almonds are probably the best nut for you.

Cottage cheese: better protein/carb ratio than yogurt, and more “solid” so more filling. Put Splenda in it. Maybe cinnamon.

Fruit, duh. Vegetables. Raw cauliflower. Radishes.

Sugar-free jello. Sugar-free candy, but only if you’re willing to put up with digestive distress. I eat it and suffer accordingly.

Diet soda. Screw it, it’s chemical and I like it. Also, tea, lots of it.

And don’t be afraid to have something that looks like a “meal” when it’s not mealtime. Non-breakfast food for breakfast. Meat or fish and veggies as a snack. Snacks don’t have to be “snack food” – they can be more satisfying and healthy when they’re not. Sometimes you just want a couple of slices of deli roast beef.

Seconding the mention of eggs. Hardboiled eggs are portable, but if you don’t really like those (I don’t), scrambled eggs take maybe two minutes to make.

There’s a lot of hate for protein bars here, and you don’t want to have too many, but they’re really pretty good. They tend to have good macro ratios and plenty of vitamins, but the carbs are mostly simple which isn’t great. But one every few days is a good snack.