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Good, Simple Electronic Macro and Calorie Counter?

Hi, all. I’m looking for a recommendation for a good food log/tracker that will lookup foods and break down and record macros as well as calories. Can be app/phone based or something you can save to a laptop or desktop. I used to used to pay version of Fitday, which was great, but it looks to be discontinued. I want something simple where I don’t have to mess around with weight, goal, weight activity, etc… and be told what they think I should be doing. I know what I need to be doing in my program and with my nutrition and training goals. I just want to log my food to make sure I’m hitting the macros and calorie goals and not be bothered with any of their annoying stuff. Thanks, J




This looks to be the best one: You can tell it the number of calories you want to eat and the macronutrient breakdown, number of meals, and distribution over the meals (% of total calories in each meal), etc… It looks like you can even mess around with micronutrients if you upgrade to the Pay version. .lhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.josmantek.macros&hl=en_US&gl=US

Thanks. I don’t want or need their personalized exercise plan that it looks like they make you get as part of signing up and being able to log your meals. It looks like the Macros one is a little easier to control the way you want it and then just Log.

Same here.