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Good Shot Putter/Discus Thrower Looking to Become Great


I'm 6'5'' 207lb (Glider)I'm average at Olympic lifts Clean 242 lbs (110 Kg)3 rep max, Snatch 198 lbs (90 Kg)3 rep max, Push press is the same as snatch but a 5 rep max. My base lifts are infuriating Bench 185 lb 3 rep max, squat 5 rep 245lb max. My form and frame is what I'm getting by on now but if I make major strength gains I'll kill it at state this year. I'm trying to gain weight but its a challenge I'm taking 3 servings of Xrated weight gain supplement and eating 5 full meals a day and taking in over 10,000 calories a day I need my squat and bench to improve any help? Thanks


How long have you been eating 10k cals a day? Has this been a gradual increase or did you decide "I need to gain weight" and immediately double your cals? And what is your daily activity like?

Huge amount, maybe you need it but just wanted to see where its coming from lol.


I've been at 10K for a week now haha I know not long enough but I've gained 30 pounds every track season but this year I'm looking to gain 40-50. I only do this diet during the week but during the week I'm lifting and throwing 5 days a week normal weight regiment Cleans back squats on monday, bench and push press tuesday, abs Wed, Snatch front squat thursday, incline push jerk friday


Do a google search for Dan John's Q & A forum -probably the greatest throwing resource on the web.

Also read some of his articles on this site


Great results thus far my maxs have sky rocketed and I weigh 222 lbs. I 10 repped 225 on back squat and 5 repped my previous clean max.


My maxs are going nuts and the shot and disc are doing just as well thanks everybody


I don't Know if anybody is reading this but at my first invite I threw a 53 even in shot


Congrats on the throw. You should make a log here, im interested to see how a fellow thrower trains.

You have alot of potential at 6'5.


Thanks and I'll start the Log this week


May I ask what weight it is? Either way that is a solid throw

Keep at it, dont be as concerned with putting on weight, I put on 10kg (22lb~) in two months without really trying when I first started the shot last year

With your squat and bench, mine went stagnant for almost 2 months before exploding squat, 140kg--> 200kg (I wont mention bench because how piss poor it was) so you are probably on a plateau. To break through mine I did heavy step ups, lunges and dead lifts to help with my posterior chain strength, might be worth giving a go


I throw a 12 pound ball, My second dual meet was today there wasn't any competition so I threw a 51' 11" and a 140' in disc. I haven't put on a lot of weight recently But my weights are improving a lot I 5 repped 185 on bench pretty easily and 5 repped 225 on front squat also. I'm hoping to get some looks from D 1 college teams and suggestions on how i should go about doing that?


I cant help you with the colleges because I'm in Australia, might be worth ringing their respective sports section and just asking?

Keep pushing your front squats hard, give some doubles a go, its a good shock to your body regarding your weak points

I assume you have a solid program for your weights?

I threw a 6kg (13.2lb) shot 66.7 feet 8 weeks after breaking my throwing hand


How old were you when you threw that? but yes I'm on a peaking cycle right now with my weights, we started out with sets of 10 in our strength weights I.E. squats and bench and we were doing sets of 5 in Olympic lifts we are 10 weeks in to our cycle and we are down to sets of 5 in the strength lifts and a sets of 3 in Oly lifts


Like to see a vid of your discus throwing. With your height and throwing the shot 52' I'd expect more than a 140' toss. You're not going to gain much strength now during te season so I'd concentrate on form.


My form is off and on in Disc in practice i've hit 147 a couple times, but I know I should be hitting around 150-170 My main flaws are release angle and my sprint step to the middle of the ring. There's a lot more pressure on me to throw much farther in disc now because my track teams best disc thrower went academically ineligible on Wednesday.


I was 18, but I had also trained for 6 months for the shot and I broke my hand 8 weeks prior, so no upper body 6 weeks and no oly lifts prior to the throw. It was also a "fluke" as many people called it, it was a 1m 3.3'? pb


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Thanks man, its good to be appreciated by a fellow sportsmen. I have a training log, it's shitty ATM, but it might be worth looking at in A few months to compare trainig techniques


Had another dual meet on Wed. In warm-ups I threw a 54 and change later in meet throws i threw even farther but my foot slipped and I foot fouled by an inch. Same thing in Disc I threw a 147ish in warm-ups and couldn't get back to it. I have a big invite on Sat. and I'm planning on throwing a 56 and 150 with some good rest


My throws have been down over the last couple of weeks because of how hard I've been lifting. I cleaned 120 kilos and 3 repped 305 very easily and I'm going up to 315 on Monday. But today I had a dual meet and threw a 151' 6.5" in disc. In shot there was no real competition so I threw a 52 and crushed everyone. Invite at home this week I'm gonna go big.