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Good Routine to Bulk While On?

Hello all,
first off I will post a quick bio to get everyone up to speed. I am 22 years old, a few months shy of 23 and am planning on using M1T for a period of 4 weeks. I’ve done extensive research on this pro-hormone and know well all the effects from taking this, I have my reasons for using this stuff just once I hope everyone on here can respect that. I have been working out for a bit over two years and currently weigh in at 175 pds.

Just to give ppl a heads up my weight has gone up and down due to the fact that I am in military and at times had to halt training for deployments. I have come here in the hopes that someone can give me some light on what type of routine I should run. My goals from this cycle are to gain anywhere between 20-30 pds of muscle. My diet over here is extremely heavy in all categories of calories, protein, and carb’s. I’ve got all proper supplements as well as before and after products.

I recently had a friend get me into a new type of working out called “HST” or hyper-trophy specific training. For anyone that doesn’t know the basic routine I am currently doing now is a full body routine three times a week, with rest days of tues-thurs-sat-sun. My mon-wed-fri routine consist of 2 sets for each of these work outs. Squats, deadlifts, DB Press, dips, pullups, military press, bentover row, BB shrug. The way HST works is a planned process of reps in which case you start with 2x15 for the first two weeks, than go to 2x10, and than 2x5.

I’m not going to lie I am done at the end of this, like to the point where my whole body is done. I was wondering if anyone on here is educated in this subject and if they would recommend me to continue what I am doing or if I should try something else for my bulking routine with this M1T cycle…

Thanks for any advice guys.

This is very subjective, you’ll get a million different answers on the best training methods here. And more often than not…bro knowledge.

.A Sweedish researcher (wenborn) IIRC has done a meta review of the relevant studies… This would be a good place to begin.

Its hard to place to much stock in the available research though, as they are rarely with advanced lifters, and rarely mimic the supplementation and nutrition advanced litters follow.

But anyway…

In general HST is good. Remember though, its the principals which should be understood and applied. You don’t have to follow the vanilla template.

Save your 5s and negatives for your PCT.

Hope this helps…