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Good Routine for Warming Up the Elbows

I’ve been posting about the tendonitis I have had in my elbows and have gotten lots of good suggestions for how to deal with it so far. I am going to try to squeeze out a few more weeks of training and then take about a week or so rest to hopefully let things heal.

I was just wondering if anyone had any special routine for getting the elbows nice and warm. I suppose it is just as simple as a high-rep set of pushdowns and curls, or something similar. I read somewhere too about holding dumbells by your sides with arms straight and just turning the wrists back and forth as a way to target muscles around the elbows. I have a pretty thorough routine for warming up my rotator cuffs, so it is probably about time to start doing the same for my elbows. Any other suggestions?

You could get some mini bands from elitefts and do a few sets of mini band pushdowns.


Have you read this article?

5 mins gentle pace on the rower or crosstrainer

[quote]joeab wrote:

Have you read this article? [/quote]

Good article, thanks.