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Good Routine for Beginner/Intermediate?

Im 19, 5.9 and 165 lbs Im hoping to find a weightlifting routine that’ll have a straight guideline of what I need to do when I need to do it, and to help me gain size all around especially on my chest, arms, and glutes. Im willing to put in the work I did it before but due the gyms closing down I lost my “flow” but Im ready to put in the effort again. My old routine consisted of going into the gym five days a week for hour to hour and a half. Im more focused on heavy weights not lighter weight due to my goal of size. Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Are you back at the gym with all kinds of equipment? Do you know-how to do all the lifts?

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Yes Im back a gym with different type of equipment and Mostly know how to do all lifts.

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program.


Wendler 5/3/1 Style,with everything spelled out for months.

Here’s a template Bodybuilders like where you get to pick your own lifts.

Another template where you can decide what to do, more strength/performance based.

I don’t mean to try to talk you out of deep water.


Thats fine I’ll do my own research on both and see which ones is better for me, but thank you for the information.

I like to recommend 5/3/1 BBB

All the programs listed are great though.

Just pick one and commit to it for 3-6 months

What do you mean by best for you? What did your previous program look like ? What results did you see?

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This good to get back in the swing of things…

If like being in the gym most days ‘Best damn Natural’ series worth a look up

Everything mentioned above is good stuff also/could follow up

I just finished 5/3/1 bbb 9 weeks strait. Very much enjoyed it. But now I see why they say don’t run it in a calorie deficit. Also sucked I had not voice to work out 4 days in a row. But will run it again some day

so you would it be efficient to run a calorie surplus? and can you describe what results you gained from this program, if you can
thank you