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Good Results with Seafood-Based Proteins?


ok so i will post my current diet before my main question so you can feel free to critique it as well,

solid meal eaten intermittently over the course of the day:

  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • 450g lean ground beef


3 shakes 30+g of protein each, 1 taken for breakfast, 1 post workout and 1 in the later PM

lots of water

basically ive been on this for a few weeks, i am seeing good results but i may be forced to blow my head off if i haveto look at ground beef again. Im going onto a chicken rotation next week so that will be a breath of fresh air, BUT, thinking in advance are people using fish besides canned tuna extensively and seeing good results? what are other t-nationers doing to liven their boring ass meals up?


Not eating the same exact thing every day... geeze.

Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, etc A chicken rotation sounds like you are just going to swap one for the other and start to hate chicken in a few weeks. Fish is fine, I try and eat it 2-3x a week.


pre cook a few differnt meal types ahead of time: a few meals worth of chilli, few chicken breast, a few burgers. Add an easy side and keep from hating food.


I know you're asking for protein advice, but if that is what you eat daily, you need a few important tweaks to your diet to keep you healthy.

1) U eat any veggies at all? If not start. You can throw in some onions canned tomatoes and beans with the beef and rice to make chili.
2) An apple a day maybe?
3) Mix up your protein sources. Chicken thighs and even breasts aren't that bad or expensive. Fish is good for you.
4) What are your supplements looking like besides the protein? You should get a fishoil product and a multivitamin/mineral. You might consider giving Superfood a try too.


bulletprooftiger: other supplements im taking right now are ephedrin and caffeine, plus fish oil along with the shakes rice and beef, im stopping by the butcher shop after work here and will try and mix things up a bit. i guess creativity is not my strong suit.