Good results using Nandrosol

I am just finishing up my first cycle of Nandrosol, and am very pleased. In the first week, i gained 4 pounds of solid mass. I have improved my diet dramatically, and have been seeing good results using Nandrosol. I was curious if any of you guys out there have had the same or similar results. I was also wondering, when i was done with my off-period, (using creatine for this month) I wanted to stack Nandrosol and Androsol. If anyone has done this, what results have they seen/should I expect. Thanks in advance.

I experienced the same results (a four-pound gain) with my first cycle of Nandro, and have subseqently tried a Nandro/Andro stack, which was even more effective. Gained 6 pounds without much alteration in diet (the stack did seem to make me hungrier, though). I know Bodz also got a good result with the N/A stack. So give it a shot, especially if you’re a member of the “Old Guys Club”!

i am at the end of my first week on a andro/nandro cycle at 35 sprays each twice a day.i am up at least 3 solid pounds right now and starting to look more vascular.going to do both bottles straight for 24 days.i will post my results.

i swear by the 50/50 andro/nandro combo. i just buy two bottles and mix them together in a larger bottle and pour back into the smaller ones. i get very good results with this method usually gaining about 4-6lb. of LBM (and maybe a pound or two of fat) during a two-week cycle. adding finaplix also helps gains tremendously if you don’t mind being illegal. i just feel there is a nice synergy between the androsol and nandrosol that can really be exploited when using both at the same time.

I had posted awhile ago asking which was better andro or nandro, guess I’ll try the mix as several people swear by it. One Question though… I’m not an overly hairy bastard, but I do have a light pelt on my abdominals… obvious question…will it affect delivery to any serious degree?

So long as most of the spray is reaching the skin, hair is not a problem. If there is so much hair that this is doubtful, you’d probably look better trimming it to 1/4 or 3/8 inch with clippers anyway! Which would also solve the problem.