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Good Results on 5/3/1 Program


I have been through 5 cycles on beyond 5/3/1 program here are my results:

35lbs on my squat (just did 480 raw yesterday)
5 on my bench maybe (I'm at about 390 now)
30lbs on my strict overhead (at about a 240 max)
30lbs on my deadlift (550 dead about)

I have been lifting consistently for 25+ years and drug free. I have increased my food and protein intake and put on 15lb slowly over the many months I weight 262 now. The bench improvements haven't been that great but with the way the other lifts have increased it's definitely worth it. I will try to tweak a few things on bench so I can get some better results but my overhead press has improved enormously.


Nice results especially on the OHP!!!


Agreed on the OHP. That's a ton of improvement there. That lift is extremely slow going for me. I was hoping to get 225 by December, but looking more like Feb/Mar now


I remember you saying you were having some trouble with bench in a previous thread, so I thought I'd give an example of what I've been doing that is paying dividends. Your mileage may vary, but if it helps you out, than that's great

5/3/1 as prescribed, always AMRAP on last set

Single - heavy, but doable even on a shitty day

First set last - dat volume

5x5 pause bench - I chose 60% of my training max, but I don't up the weight until I'm speeding through each rep and dominating it. I use CAT, which is to say, I try to push the bar through the roof on every rep

For accessory:
DB bench - Paul Carter's 350 method - using same weight, try to accumulate 50 total reps with 2 minutes in between sets
High rep (Kroc) DB row - usually about 30-40 reps before upping weight
Band pullaparts, facepulls, and triceps extensions

Just last cycle, I benched my all-time ball busting PR for an easy single. I'm keeping my nose to the grindstone and see where this programming takes me before I'll make any adjustments


That's some good info thanks. I will try some more volume.


I believe the root of my improvement has been the addition of the pause benches. I can't emphasize enough that is shouldn't be about the weight; rather, it's trying to explode and working on your rate of force development. The addition of pause benches and squats to my program has spurred new-found gains in strength