Good Response From Strength Focused Training


Having followed your forum over time, I recognize you provide serious replies with an insight in current science as well as having great experience. Thanks for learning me a lot.

About 30 years ago I started my journey with the iron (16 years old). Heavily based on high volume, influenced by Schwartzenegger, I gained some mass during a couple of years - before grinding to a halt. I later realized I then was overtrained with a too low bodyfat percentage. I didn’t feel well, and an injury (inguinal hernia) because of a too heavy squat, made me pursue other interest during the peroperative period. It took a long time before returning to the iron. Group training, intensive training circuits, CrossFit and various aerobic excercising lasted for a decade or so.

Returning to the iron 3-4 years ago, my body responded instantly through high-rep training. I proceeded even further by adopting full body HIT training, including negatively emphasized training (mainly because of time efficiency) - and my body responded ridiculously well! I’ve been doing HIT since then, keeping an open mind for interesting additions.

Lately, mostly part of becoming a father to my 3rd little girl, I have established a personalized free form training. Combining 1-2 sessions a week at the gym (one HIT based and the other a basic strength oriented approach). Other than that I do almost daily home based accessory training, for 2 muscle groups in need of more attention (read: muscles without DOMS). I believe I am realistically close to my genetic ceiling, 48 y.o. , 180 cms, weight 95 kgs with a bodyfat around 13%.

Now, having told you my life’s physical journey, I have a question:

Much to my surprise - There is something close to magical in response to my strength oriented training! Doing a 3 set 5 rep approach on the 5 basic lifts - I’m responding both strength wise and in terms of muscularity.

I was wondering if you could theoretically explain this? Is it just a matter of breaking adaptive habits? Is it a sign of a certain muscle fiber dominance? Or am I becoming a powerlifter? I read somewhere that heavy strength training can “wake up” stubborn muscle fibers - any truth in that? Is the periodization, the shifts in between styles - the secret? Or all of the above? In any case, I find my personalized regime working great, and intend to continue until it backfires.

Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Will keep following your forum on a regular basis.