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Good Resources for Developing a Program


Hi folks,

I’ve done various sports throughout my life power and strength (hockey, rugby, soccer) to endurance (road biking, nordic skiing). I’ve got a mesomorphic build and pretty low bf (17%). However, I’d really like to build strength, power, explosiveness and mobility. My legs are extremely strong (but they still need some work with power and explosiveness especially), and my upper body is stronger, naturally, than the average female’s body (i.e. I can do 5 unassisted pull ups without having done any gym work at all in months); again, however, I’d like to build more strength, power and explosiveness/reaction speed. I don’t mind gaining weight in muscle, or size particularly, but hypertrophy is not my goal as I run middle distances and nordic ski sprint.

I’m aware of all the different components of training: lifting weights and reps will vary given what you’re aiming to do, plyos, oly lifting, periodization, etc. The real issue for me is that I’m not sure how to put a program together. So I’m hoping someone might be able to point me to a program, or to a coach or to some resources to help me design something for myself, or to someone with whom I can work.

Thanks all!


I don’t know a whole lot about program design, but I have a similar background (hockey, soccer, short and long distance running, adventure races, etc.). You might consider looking into Olympic lifting. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and it has been great for overall athleticism and explosiveness. While I’ve had some difficulty learning the technique, someone in the Oly lifting forum pointed me toward a coach named Greg Everett. He’s got some great books that have helped me a lot and a very informative website…catalyst athletics it is called. Anyway, might not be the exact answer you’re looking for but could be something worth looking into for you.