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Good Reply

I considered posting this in the squat rack curl thread but it doesn’t quite fit.

Last night I’m doing heavy squats, and this skinny teen comes up and asks: “What do those build?”

Without missing a beat my spotter turns around and replies: “Character”

Nice to add, the kid asked if we could teach him proper form, and we now have an additional workout partner.


that’s awesome :slight_smile:

That’s really cool - both the reply, his humbleness and willing to learn and your desire to help this guy.

Not all newbies and veterans are arrogant bastards and it’s nice to hear stories where they help each other out - and you and your buddy will also be learning as you teach/help this guy.



This is like the OPPOSITE of the sentiments in the “Squat Rack Curl” thread. It would be nice to hear more anecdotes like this.

Wish I had some. Hm.

2 months ago i started lifting heavy weights on a regular basis and eating properly. I starter doing deads, back squats but had no idea how to perform front squats with proper form. I told myself that if i saw someone doing them properly i would simply ask. One day out of nowhere i see this beautiful girl doing heavy front squat with perfect form. When i say perfect i mean perfect. I aproached her and she was nice enough to show be everything.
Hell she even compemented me on my physique. That was a very motivating experience.

Thats righ a t-vixen showed me how to squat.

This thread is seeping with estrogen.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

[quote]danmaftei wrote:
This thread is seeping with estrogen.

Not that it’s a bad thing.[/quote]


who about this then

So one day i see this girl doing heavy squat and i said “Women show me that move”. I then took her on my shoulders brought her to my squat rack. She then bent under the bar and as i wacthed her c shaped butt move with grace. After she was done i then tryed to mimic her move. I add some 45s and lifted it. Knowing she was behind i made some war screams and on my last rep i fake a faillure. Thats when i got a taste of those sweet tits. As she tries to rerack the bar with me i finally confirm that she’s got fake buns.

Since that day i will never see girls squating the same way. Of course i took her under my arm and put her back in her squat rack.

whaterver dude
I lift, I eat and I sleep nothing else matters.

[quote]110% wrote:
Thats when i got a taste of those sweat tits.

That’s disgusting. Learn how to spell or have a grown up proofread.

I’m not playing along Gianacakos
if you feel the need to flame
pm me.

What in the name of His Noodly Appendages is wrong with sweat-tits? Sweet tits: cool. But, sweaty titties? YES!!

[quote]110% wrote:
I’m not playing along Gianacakos
if you feel the need to flame
pm me.[/quote]

I didn’t mean for it to be a play-along game. If you feel the need to learn how to use punctuation, PM me.

Well, I meant it to be a play-along game.

But if you want to think of me as a testosterone-driven feminzing tyrant you can do that. But grow some nuts first. And then a sense of humor.

me and my canadian humor :frowning: