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Good Replacement for the Prowler?

Hey guys!

I don’t have access to a Prowler, and I was wondering what a suitable replacement would be for it. I’ve always been a fan of pushing sleds and HIIT-type work (that helped make football conditioning fun for me), but my gym doesn’t have an area where I could really even push a plate on a towel or anything for more than 10-15 yards without running into something or killing somebody.

My cardio for the last few months has just been HIIT on a stationary bike. I’m not bored of it, but is there anything I could do that would be more similar to using a Prowler?

Thanks in advance, guys!

I push / pull (tow cable) my wife’s car (Honda Jazz/Fit) and adjust resistance with hand brake (no brake is really easy for a 220 experienced lifter)

I know a guy who uses a heavy grass roller to do his reverse drags. Back in the past we used to pull tyres on a dirt road.

I guess it all comes down to being creative with what your current environment provides.

Good luck

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Thanks man. I’ll see if I can find a tractor tire somewhere

Oh - you just reminded me of a good ol’ tire flip - when it’s not technically a prowler replacement, it’s still a really good conditioning tool, provided that the tire is big and heavy enough.

Good luck with your training

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I use a 150# sandbag with a rope attached to a handle. Drag it, carry it, toss it. Best 20$ I ever spent on equipment.

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I’ve been doing farmer walks on a treadmill for a couple of miles

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You don’t need a tractor tire. They can be a bitch to acquire, transport, store, move or get rid of. Find a regular old tire on a rim. After making sure it’s deflated, use a hole saw to cut a whole in it. Fill it with sand, glue the plug back in. I used two long axle straps and chain for the harness. The axle straps crisscrossed my chest, you’ll figure out the chain. …or just some thick rope would probably work. Better for pulling as well.

Mine was a regular old 14’’ tire and rim. It was quite heavy full of sand, and I’m 240lbs. Go for a smaller tire, or don’t completely fill with sand if you are less hefty.

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