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Good Reheatable Lunch Ideas

Alright, so i’ve recently been inspired by some of the cooking articles that have been up and some of the really great recipes that have been posted, especially the superfood recipes (I’m already planning on making some of those muffins). I really like going all out for dinner and cooking something healthy/tasty, but i’m having trouble with lunch.

I work 9-5 and have however much time I want for lunch - but at my work there is only a microwave and a fridge as far as things I can cook with. I usually end up hitting up boston market and getting turkey and veggies, which works great, but it’s about $8-$10 every day that i’d rather not spend.

Obviously I can bring in cooked chicken breast + veggies, but that’s pretty plain and i’m trying to make dieting easier on myself and improve my cooking skills. Basically what i’m asking is does anyone have any really great solutions or recipies for lunch?

Depending on your diet, I have done chili in the past. I would make up a big pot of Berardi’s healthy chili and pack it in individual containers, then have lunch for a week. Also, stir fry is good, or if you make some chicken breast for dinner and have some left over, you can do a lot of different flavors with salads.

Your post is kind of all over the place. You write about chicken and veggies being plain, but then that’s what you order at Boston Market? That leads me to believe you can’t cook, but then you write about making healthy and tasty dinners?

If you can cook a healthy dinner, make enough for two meals and take the other one for lunch.