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Good References


I am 37 years old, and have been lifting about 8 years. I have made some good gains in size, and learned what works for me. I always told myself after 5 years I would do a cycle. Now I am ready, but there is so much info out there hard to know whats good, and whats bad. Does anyone know any good references so I can do my research. Thanks for taking the time.


read the stickies...


Ya stupid question, I started looking around and there is massive info. Its a lot to take in. What are anyones opinion of taking trenbolene with clomid for 4 weeks then going to primobolon with clomid for two, and taking nothing else? I still have a ton of research to do just trying to narrow it down.


Yes you do... why not start with the beginner/first cycle thread by furious george



What happened to you looked around and read some?

This is so bad I am wondering if you are just trolling the forum for fun...

You didn't even list the esters that would be used. OR the dosages. Nor do you have a PCT. Nor should you take clomid on cycle. And you shouldn't take tren alone. And you don't have any test as a base.

If you even put in the minimal research of reading the stickies, you would know this is not a good idea


People start by doing a cycle of testosterone injections. They also use an AI. When finished a SERM is to be used for PCT.

Now please read the relevant stickied threads until my post makes sense. Asking well thought out questions is fine. Asking if you should use trenbolone and clomid and primo is not okay.

If you would like to avoid all of this you can pay someone to design a cycle for you and provide advice.


Ok started reading furious George. Sorry, I will do more research then ask questions.


Scout2: As Bonez said there is a pre designed cycle in the steroid newbie thread, I wouldn't blame anyone for experiencing some confusion, but to keep matters simple either use that cycle or you can pay someone to do the thinking and research for you-which IMO is fine if yo have the resources and would rather spend your time doing other things.

Good luck