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Man I hate the Huffington post liberal B.S.!!!! But that Doc is 72 and has ripped abs and chest. I would bet 500 he is on HGH as well..


Good article but holy shit if those comments didnt make my head explode...the ignorance of some people in this world is astounding...I forget sometimes that some people think high T is the devil and responsible for all of society's ills. The one about how everyone locked up in prison are there because of their high testosterone levels made me especially LOL....


I hate the Huffington post liberal B.S.!!!! also


Exactly man total B.S. If I knew what I know now would have been on test for 20 years.. Let me say I'm 45 and felt like shit most of my life because of low test but had no idea back then..

If you get people healthy with hormones women, and men you cut out a lot of money for drug companies.. As in lower blood pressure, huge for depression, memory is improved, huge for fatige, helps cholesterol, and leans you up!!! I honestly can 100% say I will get on HGH as well as my wife too when I can afford it. Really leans you up gets rid of wrinkles as well as all the other stuff mentioned above..


HGH is expensive mate...I would just go with GHRP-6 and CJC-1293 (GHRH). As long as your body is capable of producing GH (which most are unless a serious condition exists) these peptides will coax your body to produce it maximally...and for only about $75/month tops as compared to the thousands for HGH


Heh thanks bro!!! Look into that for sure


You can find GH for less than thousands per month - a few hundered is more like it - if you aren't afraid of the Chinese stuff. That's dosing 2-4iu daily. Just sayin'. Regardless, I still can't afford it lol.


Even if you can find sketchy, lead-filled HGH for that cheap, I know many people who swear by peptides over the real thing...


Yeah fuck Chinese bullshit, those basturds poisened my kids Thomas The Train toys with lead.. No way hose I don't care if it is 20 bucks a month