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Good Quote


Friend of mine, real smart girl, said something very interesting earlier today that I thought I'd share:

"You become a conformist when you give up on your goals and settle for something that is less than what you really wanted."


So if my goal is to shop at the gap, watch "Friends", and listen to my local top 40 radio station while majoring in business administration at the local community college and driving a Toyota Camry, I'll never have to fear being labeled a conformist!


As long as your not settling for Old Navy and re-runs of Will & Grace, I think you'll make out just fine.


So, aim low (so you'll easily reach the goal) and you'll never be a conformist?


I think that aiming low just so that you can achieve your goals would fall under the category of achieving less than you really wanted. Hence, a conformist.


Remember what they say! ...The un-aimed arrow never misses its target...


"You know you're old when what were once your ambitions, have now turned into regrets."

Don't let that be you.