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Good, Quality Straps?


Well, I've kept my straps until they are finally falling apart. I'm going to need a new pair of lifting straps, but am unsure as to the good ones these days. I looked around the city but couldn't find any quality ones for sale.

I don't mind ordering off the internet, obviously, if someone can direct me to a site with some quality straps.


It's harder to find bad, quality straps.


APT. The best. Bar none...




Ya, APT are the best.

http://www.prowriststraps.com/ is their site.




Thanks for the link. Can anyone recommend which pair of knee sleeves they sell would be sufficient just for extra support?




Straps are the devil. Develops weak grip, imo.


use them sparingly but they do serve a purpose.

I don't know about you but when the weight starts getting up there in snatch grip deads they are pretty much necessary.

There are some top level strongman who have plenty good grip strength that I have seen use straps in training.

Just don't rely on them.


Click this link and check out the Spud inc wrist wraps. I just got a pair and they are put together very well. I have used them for one set of rack pulls, but i seriously hate straps. These are nice though. My training partner used them on all his heavy work sets and he loves them. They did not "dig in" like cheap straps do.


The day anyone wants advice from a 120 lbs girl about lifting, we'll visit the body building.com forum.


That is by far the funniest shit I have read in a while.




1 - Ironmind
2 - Spud straps

The above are not too expensive and superb quality. The standard canvas is 'OK' but not in the same league as the above.


I think that caused her to leave the forum completely, she took down her avatar, her picture, her stats, pretty funny.


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You big meanie!


While I agree with her that straps are bad she needs to realize 2 things.

1 the op didn't ask our opinion, he only asked where he could get some straps.

2 JackedDiesel is a prick, deal with it.


If he can do THAT strapless, so can you.

The entire point of lifting is to A) look better and B) make yourself functional. Sure you can deadlift 400 pounds with straps, but can you lift an SUV off of a kid? Hold on to forearm of an attacker's hand that weilds a knife? Can you control a 175 pound methhead blitzed out of his mind while calling for assistance or counter-attacking?

What are you going to do, ask "Hold on Sir, mind if I get my straps?"