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Good PTs.


Don't know if this has been asked yet.

What would you like to see in a personal trainer if you would ever hire one?

I'm looking what women and men would like.
-Look the part. If so how would you want them to look physically and dress code wise?

-Knowledge. Do you care that he or she went to school to get a diploma or a degree in human kinetics and the like or just did a weekend course to become a pt?

-Have a background in sports such as powerlifting meets, bodybuilding shows, marathon running, football, road biking to name a few?

-Have a wide variety of different types of training such as crossfit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and or plyometrics? (to name a few)

-Cost? What is the most a hour you would pay a trainer? What would you expect out of paying one? Just a weight lifitng program or both nutrition and weight lifting how about weekly or monthly follow ups?

I'm sure there are a lot more I can ask.


Is my personal trainer a lesbian?

Will she suck my dick if it accidentally makes its way out of my shorts while fully or partially erect?

By "look the part", does she look to be in good enough shape to put up much of a fight?


-I would expect him to look like he got the most out of his genetic potential.

-Don't care about college education or certificates. He does have to demonstrate knowledge by what he says, writes and practices.

-Don't care about athletic background.

-I would want him to have a consistent philosophy of training, not a grab-bag assortment of nonsense.

-I'd pay $30 a session.


Here's a good start:





"looking the part" doesnt matter to me....can you explain shit? Thats what I want. I mean, I had a guy that was strong as hell..could hit 405 on bench for a triple at 185....didnt look like he had ever lifted in his life

Ive had a speed guy who had man tits and a high BF...Dude could fly though

Education is a nonfactor for me too. I know guys who dont have a high school diploma who have put bbers on stage....helped guys get strong enough to walk on a college team

so formal education...who cares?

Dress code, whtever is comfortable for them

I like to have more than one coach trainer..for speed..strength..."bodybuilding" they all have an expertise and cover all the bases more than a guy that knows it all

I pay 300 for 10 sessions so about 30 a session is the highest I will pay until I get "close to go time"

I only care about athletic background if Im prepping for a sport...like wrestling



As a PT that's what I like to hear. Most people want sexy BB bitches as trainers, since my niche is strength training, most of the gym bunnies and regular sallys and joeys tend to go for the juiced-up bodybuilders on the staff.


I'm thinking more along the lines of a coach or somebody I would purchase programming from but:

Doesn't matter what they look like/wear.

I'd prefer someone with advanced knowledge and some formal academic training. Bonus if they are a DPT or someone who can tell me authoritatively how to fix things or what to look further into if something becomes injured/feeling screwed up.

Personal athletic background doesn't matter, but I would prefer they have a proven record of taking average to good people and turning them into freaks.

They should have a basic grasp of utilizing various training methods (plyos, speed work, track work, aerobic systems training, etc.) to acheive the task at hand.

I would expect to pay somebody with these qualifications $60-$100/hour at least.


I thought the acronym PT was used more for physical therapists.