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Good Protein to Build Muscle, Burn Fat?

Hello every one im new in TNation im hispanic trying to learn how to write in English :)anyway
any one know what it the best protein to build muscle i been workout for 7 months and I havent see anyresults yet i was taking Syntha-6 and wheyprotein but no results every time i take this protein my belly grow i dont know why and it looks like im getting FAT instead of i get in shape. Thanks i hope any one can understand me my writing


You do realize that protein powder is just food in a very convenient form, right?

Hard to say why you got fat, but I highly doubt it was protein. Maybe you don’t train hard enough or eat like shit. Give us some more details to work with if you want good advice!

Protein is protein. Save your money and get whatever whey you like. Syntha6 tastes good but is a rip off, IMO.

Is your ‘belly growing’ or is it really just bloated? That may be a lactose intolerance. Does the same thing happen when you have a glass of milk or two at a time?

What does the rest of your diet look like? That is the most important part. A scoop or protein is not going to make up for a crappy diet.

Well Bip I’m not taking any diet but i don’t eat like pig ether jaja some times I eate junk food like pizza or burguers like twice a week. And I only workout like 40min but not too hard. I’m feel so sleepy and lazy some times and I don’t have any energy to workout

Hey maf14 after I eat or drink milk my belly grow big it like bloated and that’s just happen after i eat or drink milk or protein but don’t eat that much food.

[quote]juanla70715 wrote:
I’m feel so sleepy and lazy some times and I don’t have any energy to workout [/quote]
Take it easy on the weed/reefer/mota maybe that wilol help lol

Jaja LOL I’m easy on mota