Good Protein Shakers?

I just want to find a protein shaker w/ one where I can shake and there won’t be any liquids dripping out (or better yet shooting out when shaking it!!!)…Anybody know a good one?

I like the “turbo shakers”. THey have a little fan-like bottom as well as a similar set up under the lid. It creates a nice little whirlpool effect when you shake it. Better than those crappy shakers with the ‘strainers’ that go under the lid.


This was covered in a recent roundup of T-Nation Reviews.

I’m partial to “blender bottles” with the little wire whisk thingy.

I use stainless steel cocktail shakers.

Blender Bottle! For The Win!

Edit: Wee bit noisy in class, though. Lots of clinkgulpclinkgulp…etc.

Blender Bottle is the best.

I leave the ball home when I bring it to class. The clinking and clanging gets real annoying. lol.

My fucking blender bottle has started to leak. The solution - take the whisk thing from the blender bottle and put it in a nalgene bottle (the nalgene bottle I have never seem to leak).