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Good protein shake recipe?

I need an extra 50-75g of protein daily and i was thinking of having an extra shake or two during the day to get me there.

Right now, i drink one in the morning, and it consists of a serving of Low-Carb GROW and 125g of 1% cottage cheese. If i could afford more supplements, i’d just duplicate that, but i can’t.

My budget for the two extra shakes is roughly 500 cal and 30g of fat.

Hi, d!abolic. There are some excellent recipes in the article archives, about a dozen or so; some with peanut butter, some like pudding, some frozen confectionary delights. Just do a search on “shakes.”

Let me know if you have any problems finding it.

Your post is confusing. You want to get the protein via shakes, yet you have no more money for supplements?

If you’d rather fulfill your protein requirements in other ways, I’d recommend 2 breasts of chicken, 2 cups of cottage cheese, or an extra lean steak. All of these will provide you with your protein requirements, with very few carbohydrates and very little fat.