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Good Progress?

hey all, just wanted to know if im making good progress towards getting bigger.
about a year ago my measurments were as follows:
chest 44
arms 14
shoulders 50 (circumference)
legs 20
calves 14
forarms 10
neck 14
and now ive reached:
chest 45
arms 16
shoulders 52
legs 25
calves 16
forarms 12.5
neck 16 1/8

im 23 years old
weigh 215-220
been training going on 4-5 years now
is this good progress? and where could i use some improvement to increase my size even better/ more evenly

I’m 5’9, roughly 180 right now, and I’ve been training about 2.5 years with roughly the same measurements (slightly smaller arms). I think I’ve made terrible progress thus far, but I’m glad considering where I started (and I’ve made more progress these past 6 months, since I finally joined a gym, put a kibosh on the frequent, heavy drinking, quit smoking, started taking diet seriously, etc.)… just figured I would throw that out there for comparison… :smiley:

How have your lifts progressed? Have you considered that maybe there are factors contributing to your development that you could improve upon/take more seriously?

my lifts are ok, im Deadlifting 375, i can bench 225 3 reps for 3 sets, can almost squat 405, get about halfway
skull crush 100lbs ive gotten much stonger than when i first started but i just dont think ive gotten big enough. im not sure what i can do to improve other than lift more, maybe change my diet a bit, but my training takes up a lot of time so im always tierd aha i plan on reaching a 50" chest 20" arms maybe 30" legs within the next year