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Good Program to Get Bigger?

Hello, I am a 26 year old male
5’7, 130lbs

Have been working out for the past few years
Have been getting a little bit bigger but my abs are just not there and I now have a little bit of pudge
What is a good workout routine to help me fet a little bit bigger and lose the pudge?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!

5/3/1. Check out the “Building the Monolith” template or BBB.



Be patient

Repeat until desired effect.

I really like Wendler’s introduction to training because unlike a lot of others, it doesn’t assume a number of established habits.

You basically start by adding training first. Most guys don’t have an issue here. I’d actually make sure you chase each workout with some easy food (banana and PB) or a protein shake. You will probably find your hunger naturally increases, so feed it accordingly. Don’t throw together a complicated eating plan, just have more of what you usually eat if you feel like it.

After 6 weeks, buy a stock pot and start making a big batch of chilli. I do:

  • 2kg of mince chicken browned in some coconut oil in batches then put to the side
  • Some more coconut oil. Throw in a spice mix plus 2 chopped up ghost chillies (1 if you’re weak)
  • Throw in a bag of frozen sliced onion and peppers
  • Cook down
  • Throw in a stock cube, vegetable juice, passata, Worcester and soy sauce plus any other condiments
  • Mix, return the chicken
  • Add 4 cans of beans (I like kidney)
  • Cook for 30 minutes, stirring now and again (low heat)
  • Throw in a box of frozen spinach (preferably chopped), green beans, and a corn and pea mix
  • Stir for a few minutes
  • put into 6 batches, top with cheese
  • Half will be frozen. Do this on Sunday, with practice you can get your prep down to 30 minutes.

Now for 2 months you have this for lunch, continue your training.

When you have that down, introduce a breakfast of: bacon, eggs, toast or oats and PB.

Do this for 2 months.

When this is completed, look to improve your dinners. Just use common sense.

Getting soft? Drop some food.
Stalled in your training? Add food.

After 6 months you are training and eating like a champion, you haven’t counted a single calorie. Its not a huge, sudden disruption on your life.

Most importantly, you’re not one of the numbnuts who is continually asking for the program that will change their lives every 6 months for 5 years.

Badass recipe! I like the focus on real food.