Good Price for Flowers?

If I want to have flowers delivered to my GF, what is a good price for flowers(any kind).

I’ve never done this before, but the starting prices I am finding are around 50 bucks for a bucket(buquet).

Thanks for your help

right now they are super expensive. just call lots of places and find the best deal.

You dont happen to mean those things that she’ll put to the side of her desk, glance at once or twice a day, then throw them out 6 days later?

…get her lingerie, the gift that keeps on giving. :wink:

If you’re referring to getting her flowers for V-Day, you’re pretty much screwed price wise. They jack up the prices to double, triple, and someties QUADRUPLE what they normally charge. I’ve gotten flowers for someone on V-day before, and I’ll NEVER do it again. Freaking ripoff!!!

Send them tomorrow! They’ll be a lot cheaper! :wink:

Or go for something simple and elegant like a half-dozen roses sent in a box or a single rose in a vase.

Don’t waste all your money on dead plants for Valentine’s Day. There are many other gifts you could give for the same amount of money that will be a lot nicer.

You get extra points for having them delivered to her work. But it’s a bit late now to be planning to get flowers delivered. You should have thought of it yesterday.

Fifty bucks is about right for V Day. Next year, don’t wait.

Get used to the expectation that guys give flowers and pay for meals. If you bitch about it, you come off looking like a cheap prick. Which, if it’s accurate, what’s the harm.

Mmmm I don’t know much about flower prices, but I sent the ex-girlfriend flowers for valentines = bad move, I know. Half a dozen roses + delivery = $62.35 dollars.