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Good Preventative for Maintaining Health

Upon talking to some of the top ND in the nation, I have been looking at ways to improves a person health in all aspects. I beleive I have found the most simpliest and cost effective way to prevent any deteriation in health . Its simple and any moron can do it.

I have always been intriqued by how the Dr’s say that you are normal according to the ranges well as usual does not equal healthy so it is about time that we take matters in our own hands. We as people need to take a proactive step in ones own health issue. From my research and numerous other ND I have spoken to find that the master hormone is insulin that is causing alot of our hormone imbalances.

They and I feel that this hormones is out of control in our society and is resposnibile for alot of the demise of the health of the us today. Insulin impact hormones more then any other hormone. What came first adrenal issue or insulin issues. After researching this topic for over 5 years I believe the vast majority comes more from insulin imbalance then any other hormone in the endocrine system.

So what can we do about it? Well after sifting through the internet I found a great way for people to get control of good majority of health issue.

You need glucometer and testing strips

  1. Measure your resting blood sugar first thing in the morning
    your goal is <85
  2. Eat your NORMAL breakfast then one hour after finishing your last bit of carbs take your blood sugar 1 hour later
    your goal is <120
  3. Take blood another hour later over after last reading.
    your goal <90

if you are spiking to 120 or more 1 hour after the meal then you need to lower the carbs time to see how many carbs your body can tolerate to hit the goal. By doing this you learn how to control your blood sugar with out following a no carb diet.

I have been doing this for about 2-3 weeks and my blood sugar has dropped from 95 in the morning down to 82.

I found that alot of my clients have what is known of hyper insulin sensitive and releaase a normal insulin amount but the body response to as if it was 2 times the normal amount…This occurs alot in althetes and is a prediabetic state. It amazing alot of my clients have symptoms of tingling sensations in their hands and feet and complaining of feeling full very fast after eating with very low appetite. They also mention of seeing spot infront of their eyes which usually indicated potential weak liver commonly associated with prediabetic state.

I just want to make people aware of this simple way to monitor your health and hopefully it will help to prevent problems down the road.