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Good Pre-Workout/Energy Supp?


im already on jacked and it works great but i am looking for another pre workout supp to alternate in. what is good for high levels of intense energy? thanks!




dont like coffee. i was thinking 1MR or BSN NO-Xplode


Red Bull? Gives you wings u kno :slight_smile:

I have no idea what those other things u said are lol


Don't waste your time with those. Man up and drink a SPIKE if you need energy. The ingredients in pre workout NO supplements are usually crap. In the case of Jack3d and NO Xplode, this is definitely the case. 1MR is slightly better but I still wouldn't spend my money on it.


Coffee with cayenne pepper...
It might give you diarrhea, might taste awful (an acquired taste), but it'll wake you up in a second.




It's probably highly subjective, but are you looking for more of a "head" energy or "body" energy? I know you don't want to hear this, but I've honestly never found anything that does a better job for me than a cup of coffee. Everytime I use something like Spike, 5 Hour Energy, or some other supplement my head gets all cloudy and I end up warming up too quickly and not taking long enough rests during sets because I'm so fucking wired, and then I burn out early in my work sets. That's just me, but I used to hate coffee but I've learned to get used to it because it's the perfect balance for me.


Nodoz... its easy to pop a pill or 2, and you can get a bottle of like 100 for 6 bucks... 200mg of caffeine a pill...
Most of the other shit in preworkouts is not worth the money.

Maybe add some taurine or tyrosine pills too...

Way cheaper, just as good, or better, IMO.

Throw in ephedrine too if you want and aren't tested.

25mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine, 3000mg tyrosine, and 1000mg taurine and I am ready for M.E. work


Snake Eyes (sugar free) or Spike Shotgun ftw.


Surge/Alpha GPC/Spike Shooter

Hell if you supplement with Power Drive regularly you will feel a lot better in general!


Jacked is whack. Spike is right.


'Phet' (amphetimine) should work nicely :wink:


I was going to say the same thing.

I would really only recommend a preWO stim if you're just going for a PR and not doing much else after that. I'm training with CT's HP Mass right now and quit taking preWO stuff just because I do alright on the first exercise then I pretty much crash. If I have something simple like coffee before though, I'm fine.

I have some preWO stuff left over, and I plan on saving it for when I retest my 3RMs. That's all it's good for IMHO: a nice rush of energy that last enough for you to warm-up to an all-out PR set, and then you lose it, making the workout seem much longer.


i like Power Drive a lot. it wakes me up, doesn't make my hands shake, and it doesn't make my heart race (heart condition means no caffeine for me).


Coffee + 50g Whey + 30 g steel cut raw oats + 28g Honey

And yes, you mix all that together and eat/drink/chew 30-45 minutes before your workout.

I use when Keto or carb cycling, I'm 52 and need all the help I can get.