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Good Powerlifting Prgram?


im 17 yrs old and have been lifting seriously for abut 1.5 yrs. i have 2 more weeks left of te texas method, which gave me great gains so far, and was wonderig what i should do next.
Current lifts:
@bw 185lbs


531 by Wendler. There are several articles about it here on TNation, and the 531 threads are full of great information.


yep x2


Or you can keep doing what you were doing


yea but shouldnt i switch it up?
i think ill try 531


If the lifts you posted are legit then you have some very respectable numbers for your age/years training. If your program is still giving you results I would stick to it. The more progress you can sap out of simple stuff before getting to a little more complex programming, the better. That's not to say that 5/3/1 is complex and if you are just getting bored that is enough reason to change too.


There's no REASON to switch if the Texas Method is still providing gains. If you're bored and have NO intention of sticking to what you're doing, 531 may be what you need. But don't switch for the sake of switching.


before i started TM


5/3/1 on my second cycle and i love it to death.


i will eventually start 531. which variation r u doin?


There's no end date for Texas Method. You stop when you're no longer making gains which you've done really well at.

The internet is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to strength training. You're stronger than many of the people here and definitely stronger than many of the people that are going to give you advice. Stick with what you're doing.



thanks man. i have no end date for the TM as of now. so far i havent stalled


well see if i can get 355x5 squat 2mrw




LOLZ keep doing what you're doing