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Good Post-Post Workout Meals

I am fairly carb tolerant and a bit of a hardgainer (I think just appetite-wise, if I actually ate, I’m sure I’d gain). So I try to have a post-post workout solid meal that is heavy(er) on the carbs and limit my carbs for the rest of the day.

Any good recommendations? Ease of preparation is paramount for me.

2 cups of rice (microwaveable stuff) with .5-1lb of ground beef. Pour in some tomato juice and your good to go, easy and quick.

2 Poptarts, Protein Shake,… prep time: 30 seconds.


if you’re a hard gainer, why do you limit carbs the rest of the day?

as far as the meal goes, i concur with stu. bagels with your shake are another easy option.

I’ve been eating a chicken breast with a glass of skim milk and handful of oven baked sweet potato fries lately.