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Good Portland Hotel?


I'll be in the Portland, OR area in a couple of months. Can anyone recommend a good hotel, something with a little local flavor?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Just in case people are reading something into my post that they shouldn't be, 'local flavor' does not mean prostitution, cheap methamphetamines, young runaways, etc. I just wanted something other than a Days Inn. You know, to help out the local economy.

Oh yeah...



It depends on what area of Portland you're staying in. If it's downtown, I would recommend the 5th Avenue Suites. I've stayed there a couple of times with the missus and their service has been top notch.



My personal favorite, and it definitely has local flavor, is the Governor Hotel, in downtown. It's an older place, fully refurbished with all the mod cons, but still has those wonderful old high ceilings, many rooms with fireplaces. Jakes Grill there on the ground floor has pretty good food.

The Heathman is another local favorite, more modern, also in downtown.

Neither place is particularly inexpensive, but there are commercial hotels here that are even spendier yet boring.


Much appreciated, guys.


The Benson is another downtown choice, and last time I styed there I was able to get a decent price off Expedia (or one of those type services).

I wish I was booking a place for myself... I MISS PORTLAND!!! It's a great little city. Enjoy.