Good Plyometric Program

Hi, I’m looking for a good plyometric program, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I will be lifting three days a week so this should be a 2-3 day program(lower body dominant please, but upper body exercises would be great if included). Thanks


What is the purpose of using plyometrics?

What is your goal?

They must be used sparingly and planned correctly to be beneficial.

NateDogg, I am a volleyball player and I know top-level volleyball (and other sport) athletes use plyometrics to increase explosive speed. I have read up on plyometric programs and tried doing them while running track in high school, but I dont think I had sufficient strength and proper technique because my back and ankles would hurt after about two weeks of doing them. That is why I would like a solid program that I can add in to my regimen that will give me good results.

It is my experiance that it is better to do plyo’s after you have a certian strength base. FDor example after I got my squat up towards 1.5 times my body weight I had real success with my plyo’s.
Good Luck

Yea, Ive found that a good strength base helps, too. After I got my squat up to about 270 (I weigh 140) my plyometric workouts felt a lot better. Do you have a set plyometric workout? Would you be willing to give me at least a solid base to work with?

It’s hard to get good advice but this is my two cents. I worked out my own routine (using a list of plyometrics from - look in power training) and have added about four inches to my vertical jump so far.
I do sets of two-footed long jumps for distance, one after another - about five in all (maybe five sets). Then I did vertical jumps - in sets of tens (three sets) - with alternating hands, touching a bar above my head. Then I do depth jumps from about an 18" box (the only one in my gym) - and jumping up on to another box but trying to maximise height. Again, I do around ten jumps (three sets). I do this after my weight training - not my leg day though. For the sport I play, I do a lot of sprint training, hopping, running backwards, running sideways, ass kicks, knees up to chest, all of which probably help as well. Apparently, it’s very important that you don’t do more than 100 plyometric jumps in any workout. Also, they say you should be able to squat double your bodyweight, or leg press 2 1/2 times. Even though I can do this, I don’t see why it should be a prerequisite. Though I’m open to contradiction.

Check out DeFranco’s “Vertical Jump” program on his site under the Q&A section.

Don’t do them on off days. Do them once a week on non leg lifting day. If you’re not familiar with Joe Kenn’s Tier system, do a search for it on this site. The reason for not doing plyo on nonlfiting days between lifting days is to ensure that your nervous system stays fresh. Do tempo runs instead (75% max of whatever like 40yard, 100M, etc). It’s more of restorative day. Do short sprinting/ agility drills on the other non lifting leg day.