Good Plan

Hey everybody,

would it be a good plan to lose as much bf as possible on ship, as i am going am for 2 months workin as anengineering cadet on a cargo ship. it has a gym but i can’t imagine it been anything special, but when i get back i going on a bulking cycle for 2 months(depends on how much fat i’ve lost), then 1 months maintance, then 1 months fat loss. reason is i want to play american football for my local team(colledge uk), i’m playin wr at the moment not to bad at it got quite a few touchdowns and about 1500yrds, but want to change to rb so i need to gain about 60lbs of muscle in about a year an a half!! so does max fat loss before starting a bulking cycle seem like a good idea so i can carry on with the bulking cycle longer??

60lbs of muscle would be a total transformation pete…if ur a newbie then ull put on muscle quite quickly at first but gains will slow and im not sure if 60lb is feasable. but hey always good to have high standards! i wouldnt even consider cutting if u want to build a large amount of muscle in this time span…while on board m8 id just try to do stick wiv the heavy compound lifts…lots of rest and lots of nutrition. read every article in the archives before you go!..twice!

I would think that if you’re stuck on a ship, it would be difficult to get the appropriate nutrition, especially for a muscle-preserving/fat-burning program. I’d rather see you just eat much, lift much, and get much bigger. And then deal with cutting up, when the environment is more “ideal”.

Why would it be difficult to get the proper nutrition? What kind of food is available on the ship?