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Good Place to Find Gym Gear?


Need some new gear to wear when lifting.
Anyone know of some good sites?

Not realy wanting to get into the under armour fad


I either wear a $3 tanktop from walmart or "cut to suit" from my ever growing collection of t-shirts. My most expensive article of clothing is my Chuck Taylors.




Go to thrift stores. You can always find some really cool t-shirts there for cheap.


I like addidas stuff cause they have sponsored World Strongest Man in the past. I find for hard core workouts-nothing holds up better than Russell brand however-and they are not that expensive. Inzer makes a nice tshirt for lifting-it is cool and lightwieght. In cooler climates/seasons-Hanes beefy t-s rule to work out in. Champion holds up well as well. Nike stuff sucks-way to pricey and they don't support lifting that I know of.


My most expensive article of clothing is my underwear.

\|/ 3Toes


exactly...walmart tank or old T with sleeves cut off. and Chucks.


If you're after more created-for-sports stuff, like wicking t-shirts, shorts, socks, towels, etc, you can't go wrong with TJ Maxx. Nobody ever buys the sports stuff there and it's filthy cheap. It's always on my List Of Places To See when I visit the US of A.


I understand what you meant, but I really wouldn't call Under Armour a "fad"...especially since the military just approved them for wear under uniforms about a year ago. They now sell them right next to the uniforms. I own a few of them, but most of what I wear are tee-shirts with the sleeves cut off. I also have a few of those Starter tee shirts that fit loose. I wear those more now because they are easy to clean and don't hold water like cotton does.