Good Place for Me to Start?

Well I’m 6’ 4" 250 lbs. and 16% bfp. My max on Bench 250 lbs. and my squatting I can’t really do due to an injured back from football. I’m trying to get to 280 lbs and to get my maxes past 300 lbs., and I’m planning on trying out for college football,

Where would you recommend I start, workout wise? And I’ve never used supplements, what kinds would you recommend I use?

Supplement wise, just whey, a multi, and fish oil. Thats all you really need.

Workout wise, check out Westside, TBT by Waterbury, and some of Cosgrove’s stuff. Those all seem to give good results.

Definitely get your diet nailed down and make sure youre eating enough, eating well, and eating often. This will be the best thing you can do for your progress along with getting enough rest and lifting hard.

I would also say try to rehab your back…you will need to have it strong if you want to play college level football.

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I think you have to start squating and deadlifting. Dont start with big weight right away. Start with the small weight and then progress. Get a foam roller too, read the dynamic warm-up manifesto (on this site). I had a lower back pain, some joint stress (its different from yours) and I fell on the bottom of the squat with this injury. After that, I stoped squating and steped up in deadlift. Heavy deadlift got rid of the pain (I dont recommend that in case of the serious injury, I’m just sharing with my experience). Dont stretch your back, try some back stabilization exercises. I would go to for football.