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Good PL Gym Near Boulder, Colorado?

So I’m not sure this is the correct place to post a question like this, but here goes.

I’m currently training on Wendler’s 5/3/1. I starting lifting seriously at the end of January at my college in Portland, OR. I just finished my first year there and took a leave of absence to ski race full-time. I’m am looking for a more hardcore powerlifting type gym to train at. I’m currently going to the east Boulder rec center, which isn’t bad, but the atmosphere isn’t super positive. Anyone know of any good gym’s in the Boulder, Colorado region?

Alternatively, any other powerlifters who go to the rec center? I trained in college with a good friend of mine, and I found I lifted heavier with him pushing me. I find myself losing motivation with no one to train with. Any suggestions would be great.


Nothing I know of in Boulder. We train here, it’s probably a 30 minute drive but more than worth it.

Multiple IFBB pros, pro strongmen, some elite PL guys time to time. Gym has DB’s to 175, reverse hyper, oly platform with bumpers and good oly bar, racks, bands, chains, sled, strongman equip, etc and the best environment in Denver. Come check it out.

same problem man, im looking for a good PL gym. I live about 45 minutes away from chicago and i can’t find a good one in the suburbs, all the good ones are in chicago. I go to cardinal and they dont even have dbs that go over 100!! wtf happened to those?

I was hoping i didn’t have to drive to Denver, but kind of expected that. I’ll defintely check that gym out though, thanks a lot man.