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Good PL Gym in Toronto?


[quote]B.L.U. Ninja wrote:
I train at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. It’s at Steeles and Keele if you’re near that area. It’s also right beside the York University campus. The atmosphere is great man. They have Platforms, countless racks and even Olympic Weights. It’s also cheap and looks real hardcore :slight_smile:

If you’re near the area, I suggest checking it out. Good luck.[/quote]

How much does it cost there? I’m tired of the crappy YMCA at Markam, they have only 1 squat rack and no power cages.


[quote]AMFitnessmodel wrote:
Try Rhino’s gym on Dundas West near Jane…

If you’re looking for a more dynamic training experience (kettlebells, tire flips, rope climb, etc) then go to Dynamic Conditioning Centre on Yonge near Wellesley, or go to Iron Kore, on Dundas West near Keele. [/quote]

Word is Rhino’s went out of buisness, most of their members now train over at System Fitness. Actually System Fitness is not a bad place to train, the space itself in pretty large, they have dumbbells up to 180lbs , plenty of free weights and equipment and is fairly inexpensive compared to other places.
The music sucks and pler’s are few and far between (there are actually quite a few competetive bodybuilder’s who train there as well as some college athletes) but you can train heavy deadlifts, rack pulls, whatever without anyone bothering you.


How bout Fortis on Dundas East and Carlaw Ave. Amazing gym with great equipment and a greater owner Sean! Knowledgeable and friendly! Always encouraging you to learn and get stronger


Doesn’t sound like there are any actual PL gyms in Toronto. Let alone serious PL gyms.

Sounds like a lot of “general workout gyms” starting to allow a little PL.

Only recently has there been any Crossfit gyms started. There’s one in Markham and another in Richmond Hill (Moriati…or something to that affect)…Haven’t been in either so I can’t comment on how serious they are. I’m guessing the are “commercial garage gym” types. Not actual buildings or “units”. We’ve never taken sports that seriously (vs the Americans).


Hello all!

I wanted to introduce to you Band of Barbells, Toronto’s first dedicated powerlifting gym located in Scarborough.

Our gym is fully equipped with over 2000kg of Eleiko and Titex competition plates, 3 Eleiko combo racks, 3 ER combo racks, 1 Texas Strength Combo Rack over 8 comp bars (ranging from Eleiko, Titex, Bull and Rogue), 6 Rogue Ohio Power Bars, Speciality bars (SSB, rogue deadlift bar, Swiss bar, trap bar), power racks, a belt squat machine, functional cable machines and dumbbells.

If you guys are tired of training out of commercial gyms that yell at you for deadlifting too loud and using chalk, come check us out! We love our chalk and loud deadlifts! If your interested in making us your dedicated home gym we offer flexible membership options that give you access to our facility 7 days a week during flexible operating hours (6am-11pm)

Check out our website bandofbarbells for more information :slight_smile:


Why no monolift?


Here’s why you need more than just combo racks:


Its too bad your gym is too far for me to train at regularly. Looks awesome