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Good PL Gym in Toronto?


Hey guys,
I live in toronto and Ive been training at my tennis club, the atmosphere is TERRIBLE, the personal trainers are legitimately retarded (one time a trainer told me I had to deadlift in the power rack because they didnt want me doing any heavy lifts without safety bars... its impossible to fucking deadlift with safety bars).

anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good gyms to practice PLing in toronto.

thanks in advance for any advice given


If this drops off the first page, them bump it in a day or so. There are a few Toronto (area) powerlifters on here, such as W.E.C., coffee and Aster. They can likely suggest some places.


I'll be following this thread with interest. I'd definitely love to find a more serious gym around here.


I'll second asking W.E.C. Just pm him. He's been extremely helpful to me.

This is a link to the OPA page on Ontario PL Clubs. I see three in the Toronto area. This doesn't necessarily mean PL friendly gyms. They are competitive clubs. You may be interested in that or perhaps someone there can direct you to a gym. http://www.ontariopowerlifting.org/club.htm


Well let's see:

Variety Village on the Danforth is pretty good, and has an Olympic Lifting crew as well. Several good lifters have/are training there. (http://www.varietyontario.ca/village/fitness.htm)

Mack Mia had a gym on Dundas West that was pretty good by all accounts.

Sport Specific Training (http://www.sportsspecifictraining.com/) has a great facility out in Burlington

While Dynamic Conditioning (http://www.dccentres.ca/) isn't a powerlifting gym, we have put meets on there, and they won't look at you strangely for deadlifting.

Last but not least is the Anvil: we are a garage gym, but we have a lot of powerlifting experience under one roof.


The Anvil is great but Clint doesnt allow the use of chalk, he likes to keep the bars looking new...

Im just kidding, that would be funny though! Not only does he like chalk, he will laugh at you if you dont put enough on.



That is not what I expected to read when I clicked on this.


I train in Toronto, my club is trying to beast itself up a bit, we are getting more and more equipment. Have a few new cages, thich bar equipment add ons, some bands, adjustable db's, 4 stations to squat from, glute ham raises, plate loaded reverse hypers, etc.

It's a goodlife though, at queen st. I am always looking to train around people who are more competitive and advanced than I am, as well as training just as hard as I do. I find it hard to train along side most people as they talk to damn much.

I work at this gym so I get a free membership, but if any of you ever wanna stop by for a day, let me know.


A goodlife has all that? Which one?


He laughed at me because I could deadlift. HA!


My Goodlife is at yonge and queen st. In the eaton center. 5th floor.


Try Rhino's gym on Dundas West near Jane...

If you're looking for a more dynamic training experience (kettlebells, tire flips, rope climb, etc) then go to Dynamic Conditioning Centre on Yonge near Wellesley, or go to Iron Kore, on Dundas West near Keele.


You're F**ING kidding me?! Which location specifically? The pansy one that used to be Bally's or the hole in the wall that takes up the corner near Coast Mountain Sports? I'd like to know. Glute ham raise? No fucking way. Most Goodlife Gyms are of the "Damn, I'll have to make do with what Bally's left behind & avoid the BOSU crowd" type


I train at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. It's at Steeles and Keele if you're near that area. It's also right beside the York University campus. The atmosphere is great man. They have Platforms, countless racks and even Olympic Weights. It's also cheap and looks real hardcore :slight_smile:

If you're near the area, I suggest checking it out. Good luck.


I trained at the DCC for about 5 months this winter and can't say enough good stuff about them. They were pretty cool about letting me check the place out for a week before signing up as well.


Ha! I used to lift there years ago when I was in school. It must have undergone a major facelift because it didn't have all that cool stuff back in the day when I was there.


Are you the owner?


Serious. Queen Street West. It's at 2 Queen Street. Right by Coast Mountain Sports. Yes, we got the Glute Ham Raise. I am a trainer there, we are trying to get away from the commercial feel and all that bs. We are trying to become more sport performance orientated at our facility. So we've done our best to stock the place with a higher level of equipment more geared towards actual training instead of retarded crap.

I am becoming quite proud of it from where it began.


Yeah, we're like most things in toronto these days, the outside looks like a foot. But on the inside we're a well oiled machine. We are trying to beef it up and improve. I am reaching out to as many athletes and actual lifters rather then the normal crowd. Though we love the people who train there, as they tend to try harder then the usual clownshoe.

Come on by if you want to check it out sometime. Let me know. And no im not trying to sell anything. Haha


I am not the owner, I am just a trainer there. We just call it our gym. To be honest, I am just speaking out about it, trying to get some people over who are serious about lifting and training. As I thrive on competition and being in a proper atmosphere. I don't like lifting around people doing bicep curls for hours. So I train earlier in the day so im on my own. But if I have a few people around who were serious about their craft and even I could learn something from them or be forced to push myself to catch up. Then amen